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Congress should investigate Trump's alleged sexual misconduct

Eugene Robinson on

No, it's not, given what we know about sexual harassment. Women often fear, quite rationally, that they will not be believed -- and that, in the end, they may well have their lives ruined while the powerful men who abused them go merrily on their way.

Trump did mention that most of Moore's accusers "are Trump voters," which sounded like a slight hedge. Surely he realizes that by siding with Moore -- clearly the net effect of his remarks -- he invites a re-examination of his own alleged transgressions.

That re-examination must now begin.

If Congress is going to probe the conduct of members such as Conyers and Franken, it must also investigate the multiple, believable allegations of sexual misconduct against Trump. If they are true, the president must be censured.

The GOP leadership would be wise to realize that attitudes have changed. On this issue, to quote Bob Dylan, you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.



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