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Picturing Trump's absence

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- Sometimes a picture is worth a zillion words. The viral group photograph from former first lady Barbara Bush's funeral speaks volumes about the state of our democracy, poignantly illustrating what we have lost and must at all costs regain.

George H.W. Bush is front and center in his wheelchair. Behind him, left to right, we see ...Read more

Trump's foreign policy is more like international lurching

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- The Trump administration is succeeding wildly at one thing: sowing utter confusion about its foreign policy.

Perhaps "foreign policy" is the wrong term. "International lurchings" might be more apt. Allies and adversaries alike are having to learn which pronouncements to take seriously, which to ignore and which are likely to be ...Read more

Only you and I can stop Trump

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- Keep calm and raise hell. The forces of truth and justice may be closing in on President Trump, but there is no reason to believe they can triumph without massive displays of outrage in the streets and at the polls.

Potentially the most serious threat Trump has ever faced came last week when FBI agents raided the office, home and ...Read more

Vote Democratic if you want to know results of Mueller investigation

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- If you want to make sure you learn whether President Trump's campaign colluded with the Russians and whether Trump himself committed obstruction of justice, there's one thing you must do: Vote in November to take control of Congress away from the Republican Party.

Spoiler alert: We already have evidence that Trump at least tried ...Read more

Trump hopes you're too stupid to notice there's no wall

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- You can tell what President Trump is afraid of by what he chooses to lie about. That means he must be petrified of losing support over his failure to build a single mile of the "big, beautiful" border wall he promised.

Trump is scared of a lot of things -- Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, honest reporting by the ...Read more

Surprise: Trump's newest cabinet nominee has no relevant experience

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- You can't make this stuff up: President Trump has announced he will nominate a medical doctor who has no discernible management experience to run the second-largest agency in the federal government.

Can presidents be sued for malpractice?

The man Trump has named to become secretary of veterans affairs, Dr. Ronny Jackson, happens ...Read more

Trump has played his supporters for suckers

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- President Trump's most urgent political problem doesn't involve Robert Mueller, Stormy Daniels, Vladimir Putin or the hundreds of thousands of voters who marched for gun control. Rather, it's that his diehard supporters might be starting to realize how thoroughly he has played them for suckers.

On immigration, the issue that most ...Read more

We should not reward the authors of torture

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- President Trump vowed during his campaign to bring back torture as a weapon against terrorism. Now the Senate must stop him from installing as CIA director a woman whose resume includes overseeing a disgraceful episode of torture -- and then joining in a cowardly effort to cover it up.

This should not be a close call. In other ...Read more


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