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The president and the porn star

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- Wait, back up a minute. We just zoomed past a story that would have been a five-alarm scandal for any other administration, with weeks of screaming front-page headlines: "The President and the Porn Star."

The Wall Street Journal had the scoop on Jan. 12: "A lawyer for President Donald Trump arranged a $130,000 payment to a former ...Read more

Is Trump so dense he doesn't know he's being used?

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- Everybody seems to know what President Trump wants except President Trump.

He was foolish enough to believe he wanted a deal that would allow 700,000 undocumented immigrants brought here as children to stay. An arrogant 32-year-old White House aide, Stephen Miller, had to set the president straight: No, Trump learned, apparently ...Read more

An administration with no credibility cannot lead

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- The rude, petulant man-child in the Oval Office is reeling ever more wildly out of control, and those who cynically or slavishly pretend otherwise are doing a grave disservice to the nation -- and to themselves.

How do you like him now, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell? President Trump convened a made-for-television summit ...Read more

Trump rejects American ideals of diversity

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- President Trump's intent could not be more explicit: He wants immigration policies that admit white people and shut the door to black and brown people. That is pure racism -- and the Republican Party, which traces its heritage to Abraham Lincoln, must decide whether to go along.

Silly me. The GOP seems to have made its choice, ...Read more

If ignorance is bliss, Trump must be very happy

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- If you want to know President Trump's position on any given policy issue, the last person you should ask is President Trump. He has no idea what he thinks.

Seriously, no clue. In office nearly a full year, evidently he has only the most tenuous grasp of the issues that come before him -- including the issues that were central to ...Read more

Don't underestimate the possibility of "Oprah 2020"

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- Wow, it looks like "a new day is on the horizon!" If Democrats decide to fight fire with fire, that is.

When Oprah Winfrey delivered that line at the climax of her thunderous Golden Globes speech, my reaction was the same as everyone else's: Is it my imagination, or does that sound like a well-crafted slogan for a presidential ...Read more

Dear Very Stable Genius: The ingrates don't deserve you. So quit.

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- From one very stable genius to another, I have some advice for President Trump: Resign immediately.

I feel you. Those small, petty, non-billionaire losers who attack you are not worthy of your brilliance. They don't deserve the benefit of your intellect, your strength, your devastating good looks. Take your dazzling brain and your...Read more

New book on Trump reveals an administration built on a desperate delusion

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- The White House is being used to stage some kind of dark, dystopian comedy in which all the humor is of the gallows variety. Somebody tell me how we survive another three years of this oppressive, exhausting show.

The revelations about the Trump administration from journalist Michael Wolff are, if true, stunning, jaw-dropping, gob...Read more

Something is wrong when Washington's rhetoric matches North Korea's

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- My hope for the new year is that the United States doesn't bluster and blunder its way into a tragic, needless war.

My fear is that the Trump administration is capable of doing just that.

I confess to having paid less attention than I should to the increasingly apocalyptic rhetoric from the administration about the nuclear threat...Read more

Voters should use ballot box to control Trump in 2018

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- Grit your teeth. Persevere. Just a few more days and this awful, rotten, no-good, ridiculous, rancorous, sordid, disgraceful year in the civic life of our nation will be over. Here's hoping that we all -- particularly special counsel Robert Mueller -- have a better 2018.

Many of us began 2017 with the consoling thought that the ...Read more

The Trump family swamp, Part 2

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- One of the biggest beneficiaries of the massive, slapdash tax bill that President Trump and Republican lawmakers celebrated at the White House on Wednesday will be, wait for it, President Trump. What a coincidence!

The rest of Trump's wealthy family will benefit lavishly as well, including his son-in-law and all-purpose adviser ...Read more


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