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Trump accidentally discovers a truth

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Trump has acknowledged this before. It was ironic that hours after Trump's triple axel on the question, Judge William Alsup halted the president's original effort to end DACA by citing Trump's own words to make the case against him.

"Does anybody really want to throw out good, educated and accomplished young people who have jobs, some serving in the military?" Trump had said last September. Well, the other Trump seemed to want to do just that.

Trump is also stuck with his promise to build the border wall despite the fact that a USA Today survey of Congress last fall found that fewer than 25 percent of Republicans were willing to endorse the plan. But the wall is all about his brand.

And the GOP's nativist wing was aghast that he might dare consider regularizing the status of immigrants here illegally, something that Americans, according to the polls, overwhelmingly accept must happen at some point.

The cost of extremism is obvious on other matters as well. The Children's Health Insurance Program is a genuinely bipartisan achievement that, at low cost, gets health care to 9 million young Americans. But the renewal is hung up because House Republicans are demanding that it be paid for by cutting Obamacare spending on various preventive measures. Really? Since when is prevention a partisan issue?


There are arguments between the left and the right worth having. But as Trump made clear, there are many problems we could solve if ideological posturing did not lay such a heavy hand on our politics. We might even find ways to love each other, at least a little bit.


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