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Bringing foreign policy home

From the Left / E.J. Dionne Jr. /

WASHINGTON -- Why aren't Democratic presidential candidates talking more about foreign policy?

Are they being shrewd in playing down a divisive concern that is not at the front of voters' minds, or are they missing an opportunity? The right answer is: Both.

A new study by the Center for American Progress (CAP) finds that when Americans look at...Read more

William Barr has shamelessly corrupted the Mueller report

From the Left / E.J. Dionne Jr. /

One of our most colorful legal concepts is the "fruit of the poisonous tree." The phrase was introduced by Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter 80 years ago to hold that evidence obtained illegally cannot be used to convict a defendant.

We now know that the entire debate the country has been having over special counsel Robert Mueller's ...Read more

Biden's trump cards: Restoration, reassurance and tranquility

From the Left / E.J. Dionne Jr. /

WASHINGTON -- Joe Biden's decision to seek the presidency is a clarifying event. It will require those who see Donald Trump's tenure as disastrous to decide whether restoration or transformation should be the primary task after he leaves office.

And Biden's entry gives greater definition to the sprawling contest for the Democratic nomination. ...Read more

Will Trump and the Supreme Court tear our democracy apart?

From the Left / E.J. Dionne Jr. /

WASHINGTON -- Our nation faces a constitutional conflagration, and President Trump is not the only actor willing to put personal and partisan interests above the preservation of our system of self-rule.

Five conservative justices on the United States Supreme Court signaled clearly on Tuesday that they are willing to allow the administration to ...Read more

After Mueller, the path for House Democrats

From the Left / E.J. Dionne Jr. /

WASHINGTON -- It may not have been his intention, but special counsel Robert Mueller has forced a momentous choice on the Democrats who control the House of Representatives. How they navigate the next several months will matter not only to politics but, more importantly, to whether the rule of law prevails.

If we lived in a normal time with a ...Read more

The cathedral and the path to renewal

From the Left / E.J. Dionne Jr. /

EDITORS: Note spelling of "Alleluia" in final graf. In the interest of accuracy, the spelling is taken directly from the Catholic Easter liturgy.

WASHINGTON -- The burning of Notre Dame Cathedral, a monument to human creativity and divine inspiration, invites first a mournful silence and then a search for meaning. This often involves efforts to...Read more

Our parties need to learn the opposite lessons

From the Left / E.J. Dionne Jr. /

WASHINGTON -- It would save pixels, ink and talking time if we all agreed on the obvious: Democrats are more divided than Republicans and will remain so for the foreseeable future. What matters is everything else you say once this reality is acknowledged.

First, the facts: Democrats are more diverse than Republicans in almost every imaginable ...Read more

Netanyahu's ominous victory not the brand of politics Israel expected

From the Left / E.J. Dionne Jr. /

WASHINGTON -- The last decade has been trying for liberals who support the existence of a democratic Jewish state and believe that Palestinians have a right to self-determination within a state of their own. Tuesday's election in Israel made the liberal path even rockier, both inside the country and in the United States.

Prime Minister Benjamin...Read more

Despite it all, Joe Biden should run

From the Left / E.J. Dionne Jr. /

WASHINGTON -- It will be good for the country and the Democratic Party for Joe Biden to run for president. But it could be hell on him.

If Biden backed off from running, he would be cast as a martyr to "political correctness" and "the new multiculturalism" by many of the same conservatives who would do everything they could to defeat him if he ...Read more

This is a time for Constitutional boldness

From the Left / E.J. Dionne Jr. /

WASHINGTON -- As a country, we have become Constitutionally lazy. And timid.

Note the capitalization of "Constitutionally."

At various points in our history, we have been willing to reexamine flawed or out of date provisions in our founding document. Six constitutional amendments -- guaranteeing the right to vote for African Americans, having ...Read more

It's Trump who's obsessed with Russia

From the Left / E.J. Dionne Jr. /

WASHINGTON -- Overreach and overkill are two of the most common errors in politics. A week after the release of Attorney General William gloss on Robert Mueller's report, it's clear that President Trump's characteristic response -- to lash out at enemies and entangle his party in his obsessions -- has prevented Republicans from using the end of ...Read more

Memo to Trump's foes: Buck up!

From the Left / E.J. Dionne Jr. /

WASHINGTON -- Fortunately for the republic, President Trump and his minions can't even do an end-zone dance right. And their celebration, by the way, is wildly premature.

You would think that in light of Attorney General William Barr's letter -- which reduced special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into four pages of pro-Trump messaging ...Read more


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