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E.J. Dionne Jr.

E.J. Dionne has been a prolific political columnist since 1993, when he began his twice-weekly op-ed column for the Washington Post. He also spent 14 years as a reporter for the New York Times, for which he received praise from the Los Angeles Times. His work covered national and international politics in Paris, Rome, Beirut, and other locations around the world. Dionne is also well known for his books, particularly "Why Americans Hate Politics," which anticipated all aspects of the 1992 presidential campaign. He has gone on to write three more books and edit two others.

Besides his work as a writer, Dionne is a regular commentator on NPR, CNN, and "Meet the Press." He has received many honors and recognitions, including the American Political Science Association's Cary McWilliams Award in 1996. He is considered one of the best new columnists in the United States, and in 1997 was named one of the 25 most influential Washington journalists by the National Journal.

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