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The 2021 Coup d’Etat Trivia Quiz!

Dick Polman on

b) ”laughable fraudulency.”

c) ”pure insanity.”

d) ”dangerous lunacy.”

3. Jim “Gym” Jordan texted Meadows, prior to the ceremonial counting of electoral votes, advising that Vice President Pence:

a) ”should call out all electoral votes that he believes are unconstitutional as no electoral votes at all.”

b) ”should kiss the ground our President walks on, because if not for our President, he’d be a loser.”


c) ”should get with the program, or else something will land on his head worse than that fly at his debate.”

d) ”should announce that not a single word in our Constitution says that the vice president shall certify the beneficiary of massive election fraud.”

4. Like the Wicked Witch dispatching her flying monkeys, Trump at his rally commanded his followers to march to the Capitol and

a) ”be tough very strongly.”


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