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A Powerful Pummeling of Trump’s Hack MAGA Lawyers

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How sweet it is. And that’s not all. The MAGA “legal” team was ordered to financially reimburse the state of Michigan and city of Detroit for the resources they were compelled to spend on their own defense. Because the judge said that if the MAGA team was not ordered to reimburse, it “will not be deterred from continuing to abuse the judicial system to publicize their narrative” about (non-existent) election fraud.

And there’s another sanction. This one is priceless. Powell and her compadres were ordered to attend at least 12 hours of “continuing legal education” – sort of a law-school tuneup, to acquaint them with the realities of election law and the proper filings of lawsuits. Because apparently they didn’t know that legal rules prohibit lawyers from clogging the courts with frivolous and unsubstantiated crap.

The federal ruling in Michigan is part of a broader pattern of comeuppance. We should feel good about that. MAGA hacks are being called to account hither and yon for their destructive attempts to use the courts to undermine democracy.

Earlier this month in Colorado, a federal judge ordered two Trumpists to pay the legal fees of all the individuals and companies they’d sued in pursuit of a bogus election fraud case. The judge wrote: “This was no slip-and-fall at the local grocery store. Albeit disorganized and fantastical, (the two lawyers’) allegations…are the stuff of which violent insurrections are made.”

Also this month, another federal judge (a Trump appointee, no less) ruled that Dominion Voting Systems – which is suing Powell and Rudy Giuliani (plus the pillow guy) for defamation – can indeed proceed. Singling out Powell, the judge said “there is no blanket immunity” for lying in court, for making “verifiably false” statements about the voting firm. Indeed, said the judge, “This is not a close call.”

Powell and her fellow conspirators have also been hit with a sanctions request in Wisconsin, an ethics complaint in Arizona, Lin Wood faces a probe by the State Bar of Georgia that could result in disbarment, and a judge in Washington D.C. recently ordered another Trump lawyer to face a disciplinary committee.


The legal principle is easy to understand, or it certainly should be: If you go into court with allegations, you need to back them up. It’s not enough to claim that “people are saying.” That’s snake oil for the suckers at MAGA rallies, nothing more.

Naturally, we don’t know whether these judicial smackdowns will deter future Powells from lying for similarly malevolent reasons. But it’s heartening to know that judges and lawyers’ associations are reminding practitioners that a law license does not grant its owner the prerogative of using the courts to concoct fake conspiracies that imperil our democratic way of life.


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