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Donald and the Black Sharpie

Dana Milbank on

With profuse apologies to the late Crockett Johnson, author of "Harold and the Purple Crayon."

One evening, after thinking it over for some time, Donald decided he wanted to be president.

He drew a picture that made his hands look very big.

He drew another picture that made dark people look scary and another that made the president into a mean Muslim from Africa.

He made a picture of a swamp with frightening alligators, a picture of terrible monsters in Chicago and a picture of dangerous animals from Central America.

Still, Donald did not win most of the votes. So he drew a picture of the other side cheating and called it fraud.

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He drew a picture of his inauguration with so many people in it!

Then Donald set off to be president, taking his big, black Sharpie with him. And the moon followed him.

Being president is hard work, which he did not like. So he drew pictures that made it look as though he was working on the golf course and at the country club.

He drew a lot of pictures that showed polls going up, up, up!


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