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Let's give Trump cash reparations -- in exchange for his retirement

Dana Milbank on

Of course he isn't! And somebody must pay.

Falwell's proposed remedy, that Trump have "2 yrs added to his 1st term as pay back for time stolen by this corrupt failed coup," has a practical flaw: At the rate Trump's would-be Democratic challengers are joining the field, there would be more than 250 of them on the debate stage in 2022. (Also, the idea is unconstitutional, though the Supreme Court has recently granted Trump considerable leeway with that document.)

A less messy solution: cash reparations -- a victim's fund for our beleaguered billionaire. This would be relatively simple to implement, because we already have considerable experience shifting funds into Trump's pocket.

Ivanka Trump got trademarks from the Chinese government. Jared Kushner feted would-be lenders at the White House. The federal government disregarded the provision in the Trump International Hotel in Washington's government lease, which says no "elected official … shall be admitted to any share or part of this Lease." On Monday evening, Trump awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Tiger Woods, a sometimes Trump business associate. On top of this, political parties, campaigns, foreign governments, lobbyists and federal agencies have funneled tens of millions of dollars to Trump properties.

And yet, all these reparations payments have been insufficient; Trump still feels aggrieved and wronged. A bolder gesture is needed.

I propose, therefore, the mother of all emoluments: $10 billion. That's the amount Trump has said he's worth but is more than triple his estimated worth. Divided among all Hillary Clinton voters, it's only about $150 per person -- and that's before George Soros' subsidies. In further compensation, Trump would be awarded the title he has envied since it was given to China's Xi Jinping: "president for life."


In exchange, Trump would agree to stop being the actual president, to delete his Twitter account and to retire to Mar-a-Lago, which would be renamed -- and I'm just picking a couple of names at random here -- Elba or St. Helena.

Maybe then, once Trump feels he's been made whole, the rest of us can finally heal.


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