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Stephen Moore needs a vacation from women

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WASHINGTON -- Stephen Moore, one of President Trump's many exotic picks to staff the federal government, declared this week that his opponents are "pulling a Kavanaugh against me."

Moore, Trump's pick for the Federal Reserve Board, is so convinced he is being treated like Brett Kavanaugh, whose Supreme Court confirmation was marred by sexual-misconduct allegations, that he reportedly hired a PR firm that helped Kavanaugh.

Any day now, Moore will appear before the Senate Banking Committee, sniff prominently, turn pages furiously and testify thunderously: "I LIKE QUANTITATIVE EASING!"

But there is a key difference. In Moore's case, the enemy is … Moore -- specifically, what he wrote 15 to 20 years ago for conservative outlets such as National Review.

Now CNN, The New York Times and others are reprinting Moore's greatest hits, including his joke about how he potty-trained his son by "pasting a photo of Hillary Clinton with a bullseye target on the bottom of the potty." And his hilarious tale about showing his children pictures of the "mangled and bloody" corpses of Saddam Hussein's sons with the message "THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS TO KIDS THAT GROW UP TO BE DEMOCRATS!" And the riotous bit about him "hitting on" a "gorgeous 20-something blond," then telling his concerned son "how nice it would be if you had a much younger mommy."

He's in town all week, folks!


In other writings, Moore defended misbehavior on college campuses: "If [women] were so oppressed and offended by drunken, lustful frat boys, why is it that on Friday nights they showed up in droves in tight skirts to the keg parties?" He reserved particular derision for his wife. After she voted Democratic, he wrote: "Women are sooo malleable! No wonder there's a gender gap."

Moore is now divorced from her -- and was held in contempt of court in 2013 for failing to pay more than $300,000 in child support. There's a tax lien against his home because he owes the Internal Revenue Service $75,000.

In other words, Moore should fit in perfectly with his fellow Trump appointees.

I'm fascinated by the je ne sais quoi that mutually attracts Trump and an endless parade of oddballs. Just before Moore's writings resurfaced, another Trump pick for the Fed, Herman Cain, withdrew from consideration after the revival of sexual harassment allegations dogging the pizza magnate and "9-9-9 Plan" originator.


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