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Trump is a knight errant just looking for his windmill

Dana Milbank on

WASHINGTON -- President Trump really puts the "err" in knight errant.

Cervantes tells us that Don Quixote attacked the windmill with his lance. This week, Trump also attacked the lowly turbine -- with misinformation.

"If you have a windmill anywhere near your house, congratulations: Your house just went down 75% in value," the president told Republican donors Tuesday. "And they say the noise causes cancer." He made a circling gesture and emitted the carcinogenic sound himself: "Whirrr! Whirrr!"

How silly! Everybody knows windmills don't cause cancer. They cause autism. Much like vaccines.

The windmill wonder was just one way in which Trump has wandered off course in the past two weeks. Attorney General William Barr's reading of the Mueller report gives Trump a fairly clean bill of health (whether the report himself did so is another matter). Trump, unshackled, should be lord of the manor. Instead, he's playing the knight errant, bouncing from crackup to pratfall.

One moment, he informs us there is a "very good likelihood" he will close the border with Mexico within days. The next, he says he's delaying that a year and might first "tariff their cars" -- upending the trade deal he just negotiated.


One moment, he announces Republicans are "moving forward" with repealing and replacing Obamacare. The next, he declares that won't happen until after the election.

One moment, he's endorsing for the public release of the Mueller report. The next, he's offering reasons not to release the report.

One moment, he wants to cut off funding for the Special Olympics. The next, he's blaming staff for a dumb idea.

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