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When Trump leaves what will be left of us?

Dana Milbank on

Someday, likely three years from now, perhaps sooner, perhaps -- gulp -- later, President Trump will depart the stage.

But what will be left of us?

New evidence suggests the damage he is doing to the culture is bigger than the man. A Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday found that two-thirds of Americans say Trump is not a good role model for children. Every component of society feels that way -- men and women, old and young, black and white, highly educated or not -- except for one: Republicans. By 72 to 22 percent, they say Trump is a good role model.

In marked contrast to the rest of the country, Republicans also say that Trump shares their values (82 percent) and that -- get this -- he "provides the United States with moral leadership" (80 percent).

And what moral leadership this role model has been providing!

Soon after the release of this poll, we learned that Trump, in an effort to halt the Russia probe, planned to fire special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, backing off only because his own White House counsel threatened to resign. So Trump obviously didn't speak the truth when he said that he had never contemplated such a firing. And, at this writing, he is in Switzerland, responding by renewing his denunciations of the "fake news" media -- an attack on the free press now emulated by despots the world over.

In fairness, we learned of the proposed Mueller firing after the poll was conducted, so let's see what else might have led 72 percent of Republicans to conclude Trump is a good role model:

His lawyer had arranged to make payment to a porn star, Stormy Daniels, a month before the election for her silence about an alleged sexual encounter with Trump, according to the Wall Street Journal.

He had used a vulgar word to describe African countries during a racist rant to lawmakers at the White House.

He was mounting a campaign to discredit the "corrupt" FBI, the Justice Department and the special prosecutor, just as he had previously sought to disqualify courts and judges.


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