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Inside the secret, sinister and very illegal cabal trying to destroy Trump

Dana Milbank on

The society would secretly edit video footage and transcripts to show Trump shoving a world leader and insulting leaders of friendly countries such as Australia, Britain and Sweden. This would make Trump sound like a bully.

The society would infiltrate White House policy so Trump would add trillions of dollars to the deficit to give billionaires a huge tax break. This would make Trump sound like a liar.

The society would convince Trump to say kind things about white supremacists, and to use a filthy word to describe African countries. This would make Trump sound like a racist.

The society, finally, would convince Trump to fire an FBI director, hire a guy named "Mooch" and declare himself a "stable genius." This would make it clear he was neither.

Worshipful Master Podesta called for discussion.

Senior Warden Comey said the proposals sounded "too far-fetched." Grand sword-bearer Clapper said it would be "impossible" to get Trump to say and do such things. Pursuivant McCabe said people would never believe such "outlandish" things, anyway.

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The recommendations were defeated en bloc. The society adjourned.


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