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The White House's latest fallback: Who cares if Trump colluded with Russia?

Dana Milbank on

Revised position: Sessions "did meet one Russian official a couple of times." But Sessions conducted no "improper discussions with Russians."

Revised position 2: Sessions does "not recall any discussions" with Russians "regarding the political campaign." But he does recall that he had no conversations with Russians "concerning any type of interference with any campaign."

Original position: Donald Trump Jr. did not set up meetings with Russians, or if he did he wasn't "representing the campaign in any way, shape or form."

Revised position: The campaign meeting he set up with Russians was about "adoption of Russian children."

Revised position 2: The "adoption" meeting was with a Russian attorney promising Russian government dirt on Clinton. But Trump Jr. received "no meaningful information."

Original position: President Trump was "not involved" in the false Trump Jr. statement alleging the meeting was about adoption.


Revised position: Trump "weighed in, as any father would."

Original position: When Michael Flynn, incoming national security adviser, called the Russian ambassador during the transition, they "did not discuss anything having to do with" Russia sanctions.

Revised position: Flynn "couldn't be certain that the topic never came up."

Revised position 2: Flynn "inadvertently briefed the vice president elect and others with incomplete information."


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