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Here's 'what about' Roy Moore that is different

Dana Milbank on

WASHINGTON -- Call the CDC. Alert the surgeon general and put the National Institutes of Health on standby.

We're having a severe outbreak of whataboutism.

In mild forms, the primary symptom is a vulnerability to false equivalencies. Virulent strains, such as the current one, can cause victims to lose all moral perspective.

After I wrote about the grotesque spectacle of President Trump and Kellyanne Conway throwing their support behind accused child molester Roy Moore in Alabama's Senate race, Trump fans answered with a flurry of whatabouts:

What about Al Franken?

What about John Conyers?

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What about Bill Clinton?

"You write these words without even mentioning Conyers, Franken (who both need to go) and of course Bill Clinton," writes a retired Air Force colonel. "Crickets from you on a louse like Bill."

Another (of many) asked: "Where was your indignation and outrage due Bill Clinton? And how can you justify electing his enabling and complicit partner Hillary?"

I would have thought the best treatment for this faulty logic would be to ignore it, but it seems to be infecting the commentariat, too, to some extent: We are now hearing that the Conyers and Franken cases are muddying the waters and causing Democrats to lose the political high ground.


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