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Turns out Wilbur Ross isn't a billionaire. Uh-oh.

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Forbes' Dan Alexander reports that Ross has been conniving for 13 years to inflate his wealth in the Forbes tally, which was based on an error -- counting all of his investors' money as his own. The listing reportedly serves as an attractant to Ross' third wife.

Starting to sound a bit familiar? Well, consider that Ross' former colleagues also told Forbes that Ross bends the truth. Yes, he has much in common with a certain orange person who Forbes dropped 92 spots on the Forbes 400 last month. Trump, at $3.1 billion, insists he is worth more but refuses to prove it.

The two truth-challenged men have been pals since at least 1990, when they worked out a deal for Trump's Taj Mahal casino, which was "careening toward bankruptcy," Forbes reports. Surely these two men, both skilled in illusion and deception, can together come up with a better explanation for what happened to Ross' $2 billion.

He bought 2 billion rolls of very good paper towels for Puerto Rico?

He used it to hire tutors for Donald Trump Jr.?

He paid for Omarosa Manigault's bridal party at the White House?

He donated it to all the veterans charities Trump promised to support?


He spent it at the bar at the Trump International in Washington?

Heck, Ross would even be better off claiming he lost all $2 billion on a failed business deal with Putin.

In Trump world, it is better to have been a billionaire and lost than never to have been a billionaire at all.


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