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President Trump cooks up a soufflé of dysfunction

Dana Milbank on

Trump on Friday said he would kill the Iran deal -- unless Congress does something to save it.

Trump threatened to pull the plug on Obamacare funds, potentially causing millions to lose health care -- unless, he said, Congress passes a new health-care program.

Before that, he said he would kill the DACA program protecting immigrant "dreamers" -- unless Congress enshrines it in law.

In each case, the dare is the same: Stop me before I kill again.

Congress struggles these days even to name post offices.

Only a madman would think Congress could swallow what Trump has ordered for them.

As we left the restaurant Saturday, two women outside asked how it was. We explained about the "soft opening." The women said they tried the place a month earlier and were told, then, too, it was a "soft opening."

How long can a "soft opening" continue before it's a flop? How long can this White House continue to serve slop before we accept that the chef is mad?


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