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An IQ test for President Trump

Dana Milbank on

CIA officer : That's not one of the ...

Trump: We did a great job. And we weren't treated fairly by the media. I sometimes ask myself, how did I ever get here with the horrible unfair publicity? There was love in Puerto Rico for the fact that I went there.

CIA officer: [Perspiring.] Maybe we should try the math portion of the test. If a rocket is traveling to the east at five miles per second, and a second rocket ...

Trump: It won't happen. I will rain fire and fury on Rocket Man the likes of which the world has never seen.

CIA officer: Let's put this in terms you're more familiar with. If 500 people can build a building in 160 days, how long will it take 200 people to build the same building?

Trump: I can do it in one-third of the time for half the budget and it will be the most beautiful building you ever saw.

CIA officer: [Checks watch.] There are four seats together at a football game. John sits next to Joe but not next to Bob. If Bob doesn't sit next to Mike, who is sitting next to Mike?

Trump: Nobody, because I told him to leave after the national anthem.

CIA officer: A man has 63 socks in his drawer. How many ...

Trump: I have more. I have the best socks. [Trump picks up phone and begins scanning]


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