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An IQ test for President Trump

Dana Milbank on

CIA officer: Very funny, sir. First, I'm going to test your pattern recognition. I will show you five shapes and you tell me which one doesn't belong.

Trump: Bob Corker.

CIA officer: But sir, I haven't shown you the shapes yet.

Trump: I don't care. Corker doesn't belong. Everybody knows it's true, except the fake-news media.

CIA officer: [Exhales.] Let's try this a different way. I will show you four sets of four numbers, and you will tell me which is the odd one out.

Trump: Tom Price.

CIA officer: But sir ...

Trump: Good guy. But very odd. He's out. [Trump clicks remote, Fox News plays on screen.]

CIA officer: [Taps foot.] Let's try completing verbal analogies. Isobar is to pressure as ...

Trump: Hurricane.


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