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What it took for Republicans finally to feel betrayed by Trump

Dana Milbank on

If this is the first time Trump has been completely at odds with what the Republican leadership and establishment want him to do, let's review the various things Trump has done as president that must have been consistent with what they wanted. If his deal with Chuck and Nancy is a "betrayal of everything," let's recall all those things that were not such betrayals of Republicanism:

Firing James B. Comey in an effort to thwart the FBI's Russia probe.

Dictating a misleading statement explaining his son's campaign interaction with Russians.

Moving slowly to fire national security adviser Michael Flynn after being told by the Justice Department that Russia could potentially blackmail Flynn.

Inventing the false charge that he was wiretapped by his predecessor.

Shoving aside a European prime minister to make his way to the front of a photo.

Mocking the abilities of U.S. intelligence agencies to an overseas audience.

Sharing sensitive Israeli intelligence with the Russians.

Initially failing to affirm NATO's collective-security guarantee.

Gratuitously antagonizing European and Asian allies.


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