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Trump claims he's the messiah. Maybe he should quit while he's ahead.

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- For a man who sees himself as the messiah, President Trump has a lackluster record on Earth.

On Wednesday morning, he tweeted out with approval a conspiracy theorist's claim that Israelis view Trump "like he's the King of Israel" and "the second coming of God" (a theology Jews reject). He shared the conspiracy theorist's ...Read more

Dear Israel: Please dump Netanyahu. Your friend, America.

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in his stunning acquiescence last week to President Trump's wish that Israel bar entry to two Democratic members of Congress, shows he has no qualms with interfering in U.S. politics.

So he shouldn't mind when Americans offer political advice to Israelis. Here's mine: Dump this guy in ...Read more

The U.S. must take Greenland by force!

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- In the Trump era, no moment of tranquility can be taken for granted.

I went to the beach for what I thought would be a quiet August break. I returned to find President Trump plotting to annex Greenland.

On Sunday, Trump confirmed that he would be interested in buying the territory from Denmark and that "we'll talk to them" about ...Read more

The real tragedy: Wayne LaPierre fears for his own safety

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

EDITORS: Dana Milbank is taking a one-week vacation. His next column will move Tuesday, Aug. 20, for immediate release.

WASHINGTON -- After two horrific mass shootings, we come together as a nation to confront an urgent question: How are we going to keep Wayne LaPierre safe?

The longtime head of the National Rifle Association, it turns out, is...Read more

Trump boasted about making Air Force One cheaper. He didn't.

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- In December 2016, then-President-elect Trump sent word that, when it came to government spending, there was a new sheriff in town.

"Boeing is building a brand new 747 Air Force One for future presidents, but costs are out of control, more than $4 billion," he tweeted. "Cancel order!"

With great fanfare, Trump opened talks with ...Read more

Foreign countries warn about travel to Trump's U.S. Can you blame them?

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Have we become a shithole country?

Uruguay seems to think so. Its Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued an alert after the El Paso and Dayton, Ohio, shootings for Uruguayan nationals traveling to the United States. It advises they "take extreme precautions in the face of growing indiscriminate violence, mostly hate crimes, including ...Read more

Republicans' thoughts and prayers have become a cruel joke

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

Back-to-back massacres in El Paso and Dayton kill 31. Cue the thoughts and prayers!

"Melania and I send our heartfelt thoughts and prayers," tweeted President Trump, who vows to veto gun control.

"Elaine's and my prayers go out to the victims," tweeted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who blocks votes on gun control.

Do they not ...Read more

McConnell and his new posture toward Moscow

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

"Moscow Mitch" was red hot.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, on the Senate floor Monday, denounced critics (including me) who say his recent blocking of efforts to fortify defenses against another Russian attack on U.S. elections are aiding and abetting Vladimir Putin.

"For decades, I have used my Senate seat to stand up to Russia," the ...Read more

Joe Biden was brilliantly and gloriously adequate

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Joe Biden was good enough. And that, in itself, was a victory.

His fellow Democrats began attacking him in the very first minute of Wednesday night's debate, and they didn't stop. They attacked him on health care. They attacked him on immigration. They attacked him on crime. They attacked him on inequality, race, climate change, ...Read more

Marianne Williamson won't be president. But her 2020 competitors should take note.

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Marianne Williamson for president!

It is perhaps not the best sign for Democratic prospects in the 2020 election that on a stage packed with senators, governors and the odd congressman and mayor, the one who repeatedly soared above the others Tuesday night was the New Age author and spiritual adviser to Cher.

But, again and again...Read more

It is time to deport Baltimore

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- I'm sorry to be the one to say this, but somebody has to: We are going to have to deport Baltimore.

I'm not naive. I know that deporting the Maryland city, which itself is one of America's busiest ports, will be a logistical headache. And yet, it could not be clearer that Baltimore has no place in President Trump's America.

The ...Read more

When it comes to Russia, McConnell is no patriot

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Mitch McConnell is a Russian asset.

This doesn't mean he's a spy, but neither is it a flip accusation. Russia attacked our country in 2016. It is attacking us today. Its attacks will intensify in 2020. Yet each time we try to raise our defenses to repel the attack, McConnell, the Senate majority leader, blocks us from defending ...Read more

Trump becomes king of the cave

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Back in the 1980s, Donald Trump published his seminal business treatise, "The Art of the Deal." Should he write a sequel about his presidency, he might accurately title it "The Art of the Cave."

In recent weeks, President Trump's record has been a cornucopia of climbdowns. Not since the Paleolithic Period, perhaps, has a man had ...Read more

Send GOP congressmen home

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

If only we could send them back.

Republican lawmakers have long cut profiles in cowardice during the Trump presidency, but never before have the consequences of their leadership vacuum been as vivid.

GOP legislators professed dismay when a crowd at President Trump's North Carolina rally, riled by his attacks on a member of Congress who ...Read more

Trump has done the impossible: He has united the Democrats

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- President Trump, bless him, has once again achieved the impossible: He has unified the Democrats.

The fractious opposition party had been holding one of its regular Festivals of Gratuitous Self-Injury over the past few weeks on the matter of race. Sen. Kamala Harris (Calif.) and other Democratic presidential candidates had ...Read more

Conservative justices don't think truth matters

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

Chief Justice John Roberts used every euphemism in the thesaurus this last week to accuse the Trump administration of lying.

"The evidence tells a story that does not match the ... explanation."

"The sole stated reason -- seems to have been contrived."

There was "a significant mismatch between the decision ... and the rationale."

The "...Read more

Remember when conservatives believed no one was above the law?

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Something about President Trump causes conservatives to eat their own.

Henry Kerner was a model conservative. A member of the Federalist Society, he clerked for a Reagan-appointed judge. As a Republican staffer, he led House and Senate inquiries into the Internal Revenue Service's targeting of conservative groups, Obamacare and ...Read more

Trump demands subservience and gets incompetence

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Can't anybody here play this game?

The Trump administration, if you haven't noticed, is undergoing one of its frequent paroxysms of incompetence.

On the border, the administration holds hundreds of migrant children in deplorable conditions: filthy, frightened and hungry. The president ordered and then called off a massive ...Read more

Trump heroically saves us from himself

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Let us praise President Trump for saving us from himself.

As public outcry swelled, Trump announced over the weekend that he would postpone immigration raids and mass deportations, reversing a reckless plan devised a week earlier by a thoughtless fellow by the name of -- let's see here -- Donald J. Trump.

Last week, Trump ...Read more

Israel builds Trump a Potemkin village

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Finally, the long-anticipated Trump Middle East Peace Plan is taking shape.

Under terms of the proposal, President Trump agrees that Israel gets whatever it wants: all of Jerusalem, all of the Golan Heights, the West Bank, Gaza -- you name it. In exchange, Israel agrees to name a village after Trump.

And not even a real village. ...Read more


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