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Steve King's proof he's not racist? Diamond and Silk.

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- It has been five months since Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, lost his committee assignments over his support for white supremacy, and on Wednesday he took a step toward rehabilitation.

He gave a news conference on the Capitol grounds -- with two real, live, actual black people!

Not African Americans, mind you. "You ain't gotta call me ...Read more

Is it any wonder Washington is broken? The friendship tree has died.

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Metaphor alert! The friendship tree has died.

Fourteen months ago, President Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron stood on the South Lawn of the White House for the ceremonial planting of a young oak from France's Belleau Wood, where American soldiers fought in World War I.

"This oak tree (my gift to @realDonaldTrump) will ...Read more

This is worse than Watergate

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Pull up your bell bottoms, slip on your clogs, and turn up the Roberta Flack: Today, we're gonna testify like it's the 1970s.

"Did you ever convey an order to break into the Democratic headquarters at the Watergate Hotel?" asked Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Tex..

"What was the Saturday Night Massacre?" asked Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-...Read more

Trump prepares to turn Independence Day into political rally

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- For President Trump, every day is Presidents' Day.

As Trump prepares to turn Independence Day into a political rally, the question is not why he has decided to crash the nation's birthday party on the Mall, but why he didn't do it sooner.

One by one, he has tried to remake our holidays to his benefit.

He issued a federal order ...Read more

For D-Day, Trump recalls the heroism of ... Donald Trump

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- World leaders have assembled on the English Channel this week, on the 75th anniversary of D-Day, for two days of ceremonies recalling the unrivaled bravery and sacrifice of Donald Trump.

President Trump, staying at the U.S. ambassador's residence in London, was up early Wednesday morning and already thinking deep and profound ...Read more

Will Republicans finally stop cowering before Trump?

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Not since they strapped Seamus in his dog crate to the roof of the family car has a member of the Romney household been this distressed.

Mitt Romney has watched with varying degrees of displeasure as President Trump turned the Republican Party into the antithesis of the one he led in 2012 as its presidential nominee: alienating ...Read more

Americans must accept that none of these things ever happened

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Oh no, he didn't.

I believe President Trump when he says "I never called Meghan Markle 'nasty.'" I believe him even though Britain's Sun newspaper published an interview with Trump the day before in which he referred to the Duchess of Sussex with that very word -- and even though the Sun has a recording.

Likewise, I believed ...Read more

The Trump administration's lie in the service of racism

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Last week, the hood came off.

The Trump administration has devised a fundamentally racist policy: adding a question to the 2020 Census that will suppress participation by nonwhite people and, therefore, artificially increase white (and Republican) power in a new round of gerrymandering.

To do this, administration officials ...Read more

A new mantra for the Trump administration: 'I honestly don't care anymore'

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- President Trump watched a sumo competition while visiting Japan, and -- who knew? -- he seemed to enjoy seeing corpulent men applauded for shoving others off the stage with brute force.

From his seat, beside the Japanese prime minister, it must have looked as though sumo, with its throwing, tripping and slapping, is a no-holds-...Read more

The calmest of times

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

It is the best of times. It is the worst of times.

In our current age of foolishness, things are "incredible," "thriving," "booming," "prospering," "tremendous," "beautiful," "very much happy" -- the "greatest," "best" and "most."

It is also a "disaster," a "mess," "disintegrating," "really bad," "even worse" than the "worst," "ridiculous," "...Read more

Slow-walking impeachment may look weak. But restraint is Democrats' greatest strength.

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

There was only one side of the dais at Tuesday's House Judiciary Committee hearing that mentioned impeachment -- and it wasn't the Democratic side.

There was only one side that hollered and sputtered, one side that lobbed insults at the other and impugned colleagues' motives -- and it wasn't the majority.

Indeed, Tuesday's hearing was a study ...Read more

Trump paved the way for Alabama's abortion law

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- The ship has sailed, the train has left the station, the horse is out of the barn, the genie is out of the bottle, and the toothpaste is out of the tube.

Enter President Trump.

"As most people know, and for those who would like to know, I am strongly Pro-Life, with the three exceptions -- Rape, Incest and protecting the Life of ...Read more

Our states are laboratories -- run right now by mad scientists

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

Louis Brandeis imagined that states could serve as laboratories of democracy. At the moment, they are serving as a bunch of mad scientists.

The late Supreme Court justice envisioned states trying "novel social and economic experiments." But he could not have anticipated just how novel the thinking would be of Alabama state Sen. Clyde Chambliss ...Read more

After two faulty Boeing jets crash, the Trump administration blames foreign pilots

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. aviation system needs urgently to restore the world's confidence after two crashes of Boeing 737 Max jets.

Instead, the Trump administration's top aviation official, goaded by some Republican lawmakers, informed the world Wednesday that the problem isn't that Boeing put a faulty aircraft into the skies, nor that the ...Read more

Trump's not claiming executive power. He's going for divine right.

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- In 1787, the framers gave us a president, not a king.

On Tuesday, lawyers for President Trump gave a dissenting opinion.

In the first of many courtroom showdowns between Trump's executive branch and the legislative branch, Trump's lawyer William Consovoy argued to U.S. District Court Judge Amit Mehta that Congress has no ...Read more

Lock Mnuchin up! (And give Maxine Waters the key.)

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Ladies and gentlemen, our nation is in a crisis. It is in a crisis about whether to label the current moment a crisis.

Facing the blanket refusal by the Trump administration to cooperate with any and all congressional oversight, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., last week proclaimed a full-blown "...Read more

For Trump, Morning in America never seems to dawn

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

How can it be Morning in America when the president keeps acting like it's midnight in Hades?

The economic news is impressive: the lowest unemployment rate since 1969 and 3.2% economic growth in the first quarter. For President Trump, it raises the possibility of running an upbeat, Morning in America-style reelection campaign, like Ronald ...Read more

The White House revoked my press pass. It's not just me -- it's curtailing access for all journalists.

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- For the past 21 years, I have had the high privilege of holding a White House press pass, a magical ticket that gives the bearer a front-row seat to history.

I was in the White House the night Bill Clinton admitted his affair with Monica Lewinsky, and the day he was impeached. I was there on Sept. 11, 2001, and the fearful days ...Read more

No, Mitch McConnell, it isn't 'case closed'

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- No, Mitch McConnell, it isn't "case closed."

No, Mr. Leader, it's not "finally over."

No, we're not going to "end this." Neither will we "move on."

We, as a nation, won't move on -- we can't move on -- because Vladimir Putin hasn't moved on.

The majority leader took to the Senate floor Tuesday morning to declare his findings ...Read more

Let's give Trump cash reparations -- in exchange for his retirement

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- How can we ever repay Donald Trump?

The sad truth is we probably cannot. And yet, conscience dictates that we try.

This is why we should welcome Jerry Falwell Jr.'s proposal: America owes President Trump reparations.

The president of Liberty University floated this fine idea over the weekend, and Trump himself quickly embraced ...Read more


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