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Students, parents say #Enough to excuses for inaction on mass shootings

By Clarence Page, Tribune Content Agency on

Sometimes a word is enough.

In the case of Andrew Pollack, the word was "enough." He had seen and heard and lost more than enough.

His 18-year-old daughter, Meadow Pollack, was one of 17 students and faculty members killed on St. Valentine's Day at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., with a military-style semiautomatic rifle. A 19-year-old drop-out from the school has been charged.

Regardless of your politics, you would have to have a heart of Florida sand to be left unmoved by this father's anguish.

He's the father who could barely hold himself together in a meeting on school violence with other parents and students and President Donald Trump at the White House.

"There should have been one school shooting and we should have fixed it!" he said. "And I'm pissed!" The p-word popped in the silent, golden room.

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"Because my daughter, I'm not going to see again. ... She's in North Lauderdale King David cemetery, that is where I go to see my kid now."

Yeah, somebody should have fixed it. How many of us have said that after a mass shooting in recent years in a school? Or a theater? Or a college? Or a church?

Some people with exceptionally bad taste saw Pollack's photo online. Photographed by the Palm Beach Post on the day of the killings, he is seen holding up a cellphone picture of his daughter as he waited in a car outside of a Broward County hospital for word of her condition.

In the photo he wears a "Trump 2020" T-shirt.


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