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Who Will Help the Women?

Bonnie Jean Feldkamp on

The first thing I did when Roe v. Wade was overturned was apologize to my daughters. The Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization decision will affect them more than me. I'm 47, happily married and have my tubes tied. My daughters are 21 and 26. This decision changes their life. The rights they understood in their formative years have been deemed a "states' issue." The fight now becomes a local one.

Each of my daughters know that if they were ever faced with an unwanted pregnancy, they have family support. But for those in our community who do not have access to such support either financially or emotionally, they will suffer the most.

I've written about the fact that I had an abortion when I was 19. I was homeless and couch surfing. But here's the part I haven't written about: It wasn't my first choice.

Anti-abortion advocates like to tell me I should have gone to the nearest church. Well, when you're homeless you ask the people you encounter for help. And I did ask for help.

The person who impregnated me was certainly not interested in helping. He made it clear it was my problem. The family of a good friend considered helping me but, in the end, it was understandably too much to ask. I am grateful they even considered.

The only help I received was in the form of a cash settlement. I was the passenger in a car that had crashed months earlier. The money arrived right on time and that friend knew where to find me. Suddenly, I had the means for the only decision that made any sense. The payout barely covered the cost. When I left the clinic, I had $20 left for my cab ride to nowhere.


These scenes are what play through my head when I see celebrations from those who feel this Supreme Court decision is the right one.

Who will help the women?

Research shows that maternal mortality is higher in states where abortion is restricted. In the pursuit of saving potential babies, we will lose actual living, breathing women.

Who will help these women?


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