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Message to Democrats: don’t fret, fight!

By Bill Press, Tribune Content Agency on

Full confession. I’m a proud Democrat. I’m a lifelong Democrat. But, I must admit, sometimes my fellow Democrats drive me crazy. They always fear the worst. They’re such worry-warts. They’re such bed-wetters. Like now.

No exaggeration. I must get half a dozen emails, texts, or phone calls every day from Democratic friends (you know who you are!), wringing their hands with some version of the same lament: “Oh, I’m so worried. Biden’s still in the basement. Trump’s on the road. People are so focused on the riots they’ve forgotten all about COVID-19. The polls are tightening. Trump might actually win this thing. I’m so worried.”

To which I say: Yes, you should be worried. Why? Two reasons. One, because so much is at stake. Let’s be honest. Donald Trump is the most unstable, unqualified, conspiratorial, mean, cruel, narcissistic, dangerous, and downright evil man ever to get even close to the Oval Office. No doubt, he is mentally ill. With zero evidence, he warns about a plane heading to Washington “almost completely loaded with thugs, wearing these dark uniforms, black uniforms.” He accuses Joe Biden of being controlled by “people that are in dark shadows.” He compares police officers killing unarmed African Americans to a golfer missing a three-foot putt. He defends a vigilante who shot and killed two peaceful protesters. There’s no limit to how low he can go.

Were Donald Trump to win another four years, everything we believe in, all the progress we’ve made as a people, including our democratic institutions, the presidency, and our democracy itself would be lost.

Second reason to be worried. Because this is no cakewalk. Welcome to Campaign 2020. Of course, the polls are tightening. This was always going to be a close race. This is a campaign, not a coronation of either Biden or Trump. Did you really expect the other side to roll over and play dead? Donald Trump’s no idiot. He’s a smart political operative, or he wouldn’t be where he is. Not only that, he’s surrounded by a devoted, slavish team of amoral, cutthroat political operatives. And together, they’ll do everything they can – cheat, lie, steal – to win this election. Even promote a phony vaccine before Election Day, you watch.

This is, no doubt, the most important election of our lifetime. So, what’s the answer? The answer’s to do what they do. The answer’s not to get worried. The answer’s to get mad – and then to get out and work like you’ve never worked before to make sure Joe Biden wins. And Democrats take back the Senate, just for good measure.

I’m asked all the time: Is there anything the average citizen can do to help dump Trump? YES! First, make sure you’re registered to vote. I know, this is so basic – but you’d be surprised how many people are not registered. Next, reach out to make sure everybody you know – family members, co-workers – is also registered.

Then, if you don’t automatically receive one, request an absentee ballot and, once you receive it, fill it out and mail it in or drop it off immediately. That’s important, to avoid any possible postal delays and offset any likely “October Surprise.” Again, make sure all your friends do the same. Check out the website for information on how to vote in your state.


Second, send money. Very few of us can afford the maximum $721,300 contribution. But everybody can afford five dollars. Send five bucks this month, and another five, 10, or 25 next month. The Biden campaign raised a record, eye-popping $364.5 million in August, of which $205 million came from small, online contributions. Get on board. Connect directly with Biden campaign by texting 303-30, or go to

Third, volunteer as much time as you can. There’s still nothing more effective than neighbor-to-neighbor grassroots politics. Walk door-to-door. Put up a yard sign. Write letters to the editor. Join a local protest. Or, the perfect COVID way of campaigning: write postcards to key voters in battleground states. Sign up at

Bottom line: We can win this election. We can get rid of Donald Trump. But we won’t win unless every one of us does everything we can to make it happen. This election is too important for anybody to sit on the sidelines.

So, don’t just worry. Get off your butt and get to work. Don’t fret, fight! To my fellow Democrats: Please, I don’t want to know how worried you are. I want to know what you’re doing about it.


(Bill Press is host of The BillPressPod, and author of the new book, “Trump Must Go: The Top 100 Reasons to Dump Trump (And One to Keep Him).” His email address is: Readers may also follow him on Twitter @billpresspod.)




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