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How Should You Judge a Company?

Jul 06, 2017

There are many meaningful ways to evaluate a company. Consider the quality of its product, for example. A company that consistently delivers a quality product that meets or exceeds customer expectations is rare in today’s world. Companies that can do this surely have solid systems in place and deserve respect.

Company revenue can be a good, useful measure. Over time, a company’s ability to grow and maintain a high level of sales is a direct indicator of just how much the market likes the company’s product or service. The longer these sales stay strong, the stronger the vote of confidence.

What about the people? Good people won’t work for a bad company for any length of time. And lousy employees won’t be tolerated by a good company for long.

Possibly the Best Measure of a Company

Perhaps the very best way to judge a company is by the way it handles problems. How do they respond when they really screw things up? It happens to every company sooner or later. Everything goes wrong and maybe they try to fix it and only succeed in making things worse.

At that point, the company’s true character will show. Do they care about keeping their promises? Do they care about their relationship with their customers? By now, the transaction already isn’t profitable for the company…. do they still go the extra mile to fix the situation? Does somebody pick up the phone to place a call and apologize? Or does a manager go out of their way to make sure you are taken care of?

No doubt you can easily think of times when a company has proven to you that they really care about their relationship with you and appreciate your business. You can probably also think of companies that made lots of big promises, but when push came to shove, they really didn’t care. A person’s character is revealed during the times of adversity, and so is a company’s.

Here at ArcaMax, we work hard to build a culture internally where we view problems as an opportunity to invest in our relationship with you. We want everything to go smoothly of course, and if it doesn’t, we want to make it right. We want to be one of those rare companies that does whatever is necessary to meet and ideally exceed your expectations.

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