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Timesaving Tips for Business Email

Jul 13, 2012

How many emails do you get each day? “Too many” is usually the answer. Even excluding wanted newsletter subscriptions and unwanted spam, all of us in business get an overwhelming amount of email.

Even when it's wanted, email is be a disruption to your workflow. It’s an urgency that interrupts you, and often isn’t really that important. If you include the interruptions caused by the telephone, text messages, and chat, it’s a wonder that people ever get anything accomplished!

One insidious form of email are messages that look important but really aren’t. Like when people unnecessarily copy you on their responses to others or send along irrelevant content.

In the interest of our collective time management, we are pleased to recommend the principles of These folks astutely point out that the time we take to respond to email overall is greater than the time it takes to create these emails.

Here’s where they eloquently state the problem of email overload.

The solution? Follow their ten rules to reverse the trend that has us all drowning in email, available here.

May we all gain more time as a result!

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