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From the ArcaMax Advertising Update Online Marketing Newsletter

Online Marketing Advice from an Expert: Thomas Edison

Jun 28, 2012

Inventor Thomas Edison wrote the following in a memo to his salespeople:

"The art of selling goods is as difficult to acquire as any other art. The proper methods can be acquired only by actual experiments. The one who tries the greatest variety of experiments will become finally a master of the art."

Mr. Edison would have been right at home as an online marketer in 2011. You will only be successful selling online if you commit to a trial and error process – like it or not. It takes a disciplined regimen of testing, analysis, and persistent creative energy.

You’ll need to develop a good ad campaign with winning design and copy ("creative"), landing pages that convert, consistent and rapid fulfillment, and ongoing customer relationship management. Give it a half-hearted effort and you’re sure to fail. You’ll need to develop clear outcomes and learn from your failures as well as successes.

What to Expect from ArcaMax

Here at ArcaMax Publishing, we want to help. We welcome the opportunity to work with you as an ally in your mission to grow online. When you advertise with us, you should expect our best… but what does that really mean?

It doesn’t mean guaranteed ad results – nobody can do that for you. But we can guarantee the following:

1. Competitive rates. We understand that you need to make money on your ad buy, sooner or later. We’ll price our advertising space as aggressively as we can for you, with volume and renewal discounts whenever possible.

2. Predictable insertion schedule. We’ll give you as much notice as possible concerning when your ads run and where they’ll be placed.

3. The opportunity to preview your ads in advance. (Obviously we’ll need for you to hit your deadlines to make this possible.)

4. Follow-up reporting. You deserve to know how your ad performed, good or bad. If the ad doesn’t work (unfortunately a fact of life sometimes in business), you’ll still hear from us. We provide detailed online delivery reports including impressions, clicks and other relevant data.

5. Honest feedback. We’ll give you our best thoughts on your campaign. If we have feedback that might help you in the future, we’ll share it. Often you’ll make a lot more money from the lessons learned from a failed ad than one that was modestly successful.

6. Concern for your success. If you’re successful in your ad buys, we win too. It’s good business and the foundation of the type of long-term relationships that are good for all of us in business.

As Mr. Edison said, "The one who tries the greatest variety of experiments will become finally a master of the art." We encourage to become a master of the art of online marketing!

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