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Online Marketing IS Testing

Aug 08, 2017

I first heard those words years ago from a guy who worked for a company called Marketing Experiments. We've mentioned them many times in this newsletter.

Huh? Marketing is marketing and testing is testing, or so I thought. Over the years, I’ve come to realize the wisdom in these words. Having had direct response experience from my days prior to entering the online world, I understood the value of testing. But I didn’t realize how just integral testing is to online marketing success.

The sad fact is that most online marketers don't really test properly. They might run a split test now and then and learn a bit, but most of the critical elements in a successful ad campaign, web site, landing page, etc. don’t really receive the proper scrutiny.

What should you test? Ideally, everything. Realistically, the big things. Headlines. Copy points. Page layout. Images. Forms. As much as you can.

I encourage you to set up an ongoing testing program for your online marketing campaigns. Document thoroughly. Learn about the statistical side of testing if you need to, and ensure you have statistically valid sample sizes. (Here’s a handy website to help you determine that: There are many others.)

If you really dig in to this concept, a new level of success in online marketing becomes attainable. You’ll wonder how you functioned previously.

Spend lots of time on the Marketing Experiments site. Check out their webinars and live seminars. We’ve sent marketing people through their online training -- their knowledge will help you in your career.

Please let us know here at ArcaMax when we may be of service. Thank you!

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