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Data to Help You Write Email Subject Lines

Sep 26, 2017

Chances are that you use email in your online marketing. It takes a huge amount of emphasis to get your prospect to become interested in your offer. Perhaps you buy media, build a landing page, and then optimize that page so that they'll opt-in to receive more information. Yes! You now have a prospect and permission to communicate with them.

So you set up an email platform or sign up with an ESP to deploy your mail. You put together the most compelling email creative you can and you mail this prospect. Now it's time to count the money!

Unless they don't open their email.... we've all been there. It's not fun. It's certainly not profitable.

But wait, there's help! We came across a compilation of data about this very issue. More specifically, data related to the impact of subject lines and their structure on open rates. You can access these nuggets here in an article called "19 Subject Line Stats Impacting Our Email Open Rates."

This should give you food for thought. Good marketing!

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