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From the ArcaMax Advertising Update Online Marketing Newsletter

Marketing Sherpa Highlights ArcaMax

May 23, 2013

For years, savvy online marketers have turned to Marketing Sherpa and its parent organization Marketing Experiments (MECLABS) for the very best in online marketing information. That's why were thrilled here at ArcaMax when Marketing Sherpa released a case study spotlighting our subscription practices.

In particular, the case study detailed the results of our work with LeadSpend to validate new subscriber traffic and the overall impact on our email deliverability. As we note in the article, deliverability is mission critical. We hope you'll find this to be a worthwhile read for your business.

You can review the Marketing Sherpa study here.

Deliverability Webinar - Email Validation: A Defense Against ROI Killers

On a related note, Craig Swerdloff of LeadSpend and Scott Wolf of ArcaMax were the featured speakers in a webinar this week about email deliverability and email validation. You can listen to a recording of the webinar here!

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