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ArcaMax Featured in Case Study by LeadSpend

Nov 24, 2015

If you're in the email business, your ability to get email delivered and opened is a critical factor to your success. Here at ArcaMax, we go to great lengths to ensure we only get quality, engaged readers who want to receive our content. That's why we only add readers to ArcaMax lists who have gone through a double opt-in process.

This is a much more scrupulous level of permission to mail than most commerical mailers practice. For years, it's done the job for us. Marginal subscribers who aren't that interested in getting our newsletters generally won't complete the double opt-in to get on our lists. It also takes care of malicious subscription requests when the person who controls the email address really isn't the one who requests the email. Our advertisers benefit because their offers are sent to an overall more involved subscriber base.

We'd been periodically approached by lead validation types of services over the years. We were never interested because we're double opt-in; we figured that process would take care of the bad addresses. When an old industry friend from LeadSpend (now an Experian service) approached us, we said we weren't interested.

He persuaded us to try their lead validation service, pointing out that our confirmation emails were also affecting our sending reputation. We were shocked to discover that as much as four percent of our confirmation emails were being sent to bad addresses. That's a lot of bad email; certainly not healthy for our sending reputation.

We've been users of their service ever since and we're better off as a result. A couple of years ago, we were featured in a case study. We think the lessons are more important today than ever.

You can find out more here.

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