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Email Marketing Matters, Now More than Ever

Dec 05, 2012

As new technologies come and go, we periodically hear about the impending demise of the email channel. We have more than a passing interest in the answer here at ArcaMax. After all, our existence depends on it.

Now that we are in the holiday season, practically every business out there seems to have an email campaign. Why? Because email marketing works! IBM released a report showing online sales were up sharply on Thanksgiving (+21%) and Black Friday (+17%). Our economy might still be struggling but you wouldn’t know it to look at those totals.

Meanwhile, the same report shows that shopping traffic was down a whopping 35% from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can read about these trends in this Wall Street Journal article from November 26th, ”Social Media Has A Black Friday #Fail”.

In contrast, we direct you to an infographic from Eloqua, brought to us by “Marketing Professors”. They quote a Forrester Research statistic that 89% of marketers say that email is their primary channel for lead generation. See that stat and more here.

We hope that the holiday season is good for you AND your business!

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