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From the ArcaMax Advertising Update Online Marketing Newsletter

How President Obama's 2008 Campaign Used A-B Testing to Win the White House

Jun 07, 2012

This year’s presidential race is already heating up. Both President Obama and Governor Romney use the internet as an integral component of their respective campaign strategies. It would be foolish not to in this day and age. Time will tell which campaign is more effective.

It wasn’t that way in the past. Just four years ago, President Obama’s online strategy was significantly superior to Senator McCain’s. Whether or not it was the deciding factor isn’t for us to say, but we can say that it made a difference.

Recently Wired Magazine published an article about the use of A-B testing online that featured a fascinating case study of the Obama campaign’s use of testing to optimize its email address acquisition marketing. That article is available here.

Regular readers of this newsletter know that testing is constant theme. Regardless of your political perspective, we encourage you to read this article and look for application to your business!

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