Under the radar, tornado season already the deadliest since 2011; twister confirmed in N.J.

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Typically, tornadoes around here occur later in the season. Pennsylvania averages 16 a year, with 12 of those after June 1.

But straight-line winds around here are winds for all seasons. "Straight-line winds can be more destructive," said Chad Shafer, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Mount Holly.

Besides, he points out, they usually cover far larger territories than the ones that go in circles.

The one verified in Ocean County traveled all of about 2,000 feet and was just 60-feet wide. It was graded an EF0 on the Enhanced Fujita scale, with a peak wind of 70 mph.

On that same day, a straight-line gust of 59 mph was recorded at Philadelphia International Airport; a 66-mph gust, in Logan Township; and, one that one-upped the twister and then some, 76 mph in Manasquan.

Tornado fatalities by year:


2020 -- 73 (to date)

2019 -- 41

2018 -- 10

2017 -- 35


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