11 reported injured, widespread damage reported after tornado hits Kansas

Kaitlyn Schwers, Eric Adler, Katie Bernard and Steve Vockrodt, The Kansas City Star on

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- After a tornado ripped through northeastern Kansas Tuesday evening, at least 11 people were reported injured in Douglas County, several homes were damaged and more than 13,000 were without power.

In Lawrence police reported large trees down, along with power lines and debris along roads on the southeastern edge of the city.

Some areas were impassable, police said, noting that the tornado appeared to have passed outside the city limits.

More damage was reported near Linwood and Bonner Springs after the tornado headed northeast.

Police began blocking roads around Linwood shortly after the tornado passed through.

About a mile and half west of Linwood, the smell of gasoline soaked the air. Already the buzz of chainsaws could be heard up and down the roads into town. Felled trees littered the way in.

Mark Duffin, 48, standing outside his smashed house west of Linwood, works for the railroad and he can tell you one thing: A tornado doesn't sound like a freight train.

Duffin said his wife called him and told him the weather was getting seriously bad.

Then it was deathly calm at their home on Golden Road. Duffin checked the TV. The reception was bad, but the message was clear: the tornado was headed right for them.

The next thing he knew, the walls of his house were coming down.


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