'We were all shaking': Missouri tornado leaves dozens injured, 100 in shelters

Crystal Thomas, Jason Hancock and Luke Nozicka, The Kansas City Star on

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- Shingles, insulation and tree branches were scattered all over Neftali Angel's yard along Adams Street on Thursday morning.

His house, a block away from Capitol Region Medical Center, was mostly unharmed, but parts of his roof sat on his neighbor's car.

"We have no idea where this came from," he said, pointing to a 5-foot wooden shard sticking out of the ground near his home.

Close to midnight, he and his wife, Roxanna, had heard the sirens and decided to take cover with Roxanna's father in the basement once the wind began to pick up. They heard hail and the lights blinked.

Their Chihuahuas, Faline and Charmer, were shaking.

"We were all shaking," said Roxanna, 23.

They prayed to Jehovah over and over again. They felt the house move.

"It was the worst minutes of our lives," said Neftali, 24.

The family lived through a tornado that ripped through Jefferson City on Wednesday night, leaving destruction in its wake.

On Thursday the National Weather Service in St. Louis said the tornado reached a maximum damage rating of EF-3, based on initial information from survey teams. The tornado remained on the ground for several minutes before moving out of the city.


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