It just snowed in Vegas and likely will again this week. That isn't normal

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LAS VEGAS -- They weren't exactly deploying the snowplows onto the Las Vegas Strip and they weren't shoveling out the entrances to the casinos, either.

But, still, it snowed in Las Vegas on Sunday night.

For a city that was built in the sand and boasts giant replicas of a pyramid, the Eiffel Tower and virtually the entire borough of Manhattan, it was met with wonderment and surprise in a place not easily bowled over.

"Um, what the ..." tweeted the Nevada Highway Patrol above a 10-second video of snow falling lightly beneath the orange glow of a street lamp.

Then came the National Weather Service in Las Vegas about two hours later.

"IT HAPPENED!" the weather service tweeted.


An avalanche of tweets, Instagram and Facebook posts followed. The National Weather Service in Seattle noticed and quickly commissioned a poll asking people how they felt about Las Vegas getting snow. "We just couldn't help but share a little of our snow with our friends at @NWSVegas!" they tweeted.

It wasn't long before social media posts with pictures and videos of the falling snow spurred people to head out and experience it in the real world.

Steve and Jackie DeLeon grabbed sleds that had been gathering dust in the garage for 10 years and drove out to a park in the west part of town. Their two children, 8-year-old Catalina and 15-year-old Daytona, trudged up a hill covered in white and settled into the sleds.

The snow was coming down in big flakes. It was past 9 p.m. and the temperature was 32 degrees. The Michigan natives, who have lived in Las Vegas for 15 years, said this didn't compare with what they experienced in Saginaw.


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