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Ranked or ranged below on

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subaltern \suhb-OL-tuhrn; SUHB-uhl-tuhrn\ (adjective) - 1 : Ranked or ranged below; subordinate; inferior. 2 : (Chiefly British) Ranking as a junior officer; being below the rank of captain. 3 : (Logic) Asserting only a part of what is asserted in a related proposition.

(noun) - 1 : A person holding a subordinate position. 2 : (Chiefly British) A commissioned military officer below the rank of captain. 3 : (Logic) A subaltern proposition.

"Given the existence of many other subaltern epistemologies and ontologies hidden behind the term 'Third World' alone -- consider Peru, India, New Guinea -- we approach here the enormity of task of a transitional movement of the liberation of women." -- Inderpal Grewal, 'Scattered Hegemonies'

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Subaltern derives from Late Latin subalternus, "subordinate," from Latin sub-, "under" + Latin alternus, "alternate," from alter, "other."


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