Today's Word "Fadge"

To fit with what is expected on

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fadge \FAEJ\ (verb) - To work (out), to suffice or fit; to fit with what is expected.

"I don't think opening the bottle of wine with the screw-driver will quite fadge; better wait for a cork-screw."


Today's word is not to be confused with fidge "to fidget" but confusing it with fudge "to cheat ever so slightly" doesn't matter as much since "fadge" is the origin of "fudge" in this sense. We would expect it to be related to the Germanic root fag- from which we get German fugen "add, conform." This stem, however, turns up in English as fay "join, fit together" so how it could acquire the form of today's word is unclear. The noun fadge "short fat person" may well have come from a regional affixed form based on "fat" since we also find "podge," from which we get the "pudge" in "pudgy," that is probably related to the "pot" of "pot-belly" in the same, admittedly odd, way.


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