Today's Word "Ceilidh"


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ceilidh \KEY-li\ (noun) - (Scotland and Ireland) A social gathering, especially one at which hosts and guests participate in traditional music, dancing, or storytellingor a professional "ceilidh" band might be hired for the event.

"Everyone at this quiet country ceilidh had a good story to tell about someone who wasn't there."


Irish Gaelic ceilidhe is from Old Irish celide "visit" from ceile or cele "companion." The English spelling follows the Scottish. The stem here developed from Proto-Indo-European *kei- "beloved, dear" and also "bed, couch." The suffixed form *kei-wi- underlies "city," "civic," "civil" from Latin civis "citizen," probably originally referring to a member of a household. In Sanskrit, this stem became the name, "Shiva," one of the three figures in the Supreme Trinity of Hinduism, from Sanskrit s'iva- "auspicious, dear."



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