Today's Word " Malfeasance"


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malfeasance \mael-FEE-zehns\ (noun) - Abuse of one's position in a public or private organization.

"Mom! If you don't bake apple pie and put out a US flag on the Fourth of July it will be malfeasance of motherhood!"


Old French malfaisant "malfeasant," present participle of malfaire "to do evil" from mal "bad" + faire "to do." The French verb devolved from Latin malefacere based on mal-us "bad" + facere "do," the same stem underlying "malefactor." The basic meaning of malevolent is "ill-wishing, malicious," while malefaction refers to evil-doing of any sort. Today's word refers specifically to misconduct of office or position. The adjective is "malfeasant."



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