Today's Word "egregious"

Outrageously bad on

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egregious \ih-GREE-juhs\ (adjective) - Conspicuously and outrageously bad or reprehensible.

"Now, while I rigorously defend your right to be wrong, I feel I must address some of your more egregious utterances." -- Joy Fielding, 'Heartstopper - A Novel'


Egregious derives from Latin egregius, separated or chosen from the herd, from e-, ex-, out of, from + grex, greg-, herd, flock. Egregious was formerly used with words importing a good quality (that which was distinguished "from the herd" because of excellence), but now it is joined with words having a bad sense. It is related to congregate (to "flock together," from con-, together, with + gregare, to assemble, from grex); segregate (from segregare, to separate from the herd, from se-, apart + gregare); and gregarious (from gregarius, belonging to a flock).




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