Today's Word "livid"


Published in Vocabulary

livid \LIH-vid\ (adjective) - Discolored by bruising or black-and-blue; ashen or pallid; reddish; very angry or enraged.

"When Agatha's mother caught her sneaking in after midnight after obviously having spent time with her boyfriend, she was livid."


From the Latin adjective "lividus" ("dull, grayish, or leaden blue"). Originally was used to describe flesh discolored by a bruise, by the end of the 18th century it had grown to mean "ashen or pallid," as in describing a corpse. "Livid" eventually came to be used in this sense to characterize the complexion of a person pale with anger ("livid with rage"). By the 20th century there were two new meanings - "reddish," as one is as likely to become red with anger as pale; the other was simply "angry" or "furious," the most common sense of the word today.




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