Explore Your Human 'G' Known

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Select the correct "G" words on this quiz, and you'll be a "G" whiz!

1. When the candidate realized he had committed a (gaff, gaffe), he felt like a fish hooked by a (gaff, gaffe).

2. He walked with a shuffling (gait, gate) through the garden (gait, gate).

3. The bachelor's opening (gambits, gamuts) ran the (gambit, gamut) from "Hi, I'm Ted," to "Is this seat taken?"

4. The lambs (gambled, gamboled) on the lawn of the (gambling, gamboling) casino.

5. After throwing down the (gantlet, gauntlet), Tom decided to run the (gantlet, gauntlet).


6. Labor unions and (gilds, guilds) began to grow during the (Gilded, Guilded) Age.

7. The evening news included (grisly, grizzly) details about an attack by a (grisly, grizzly) bear.

8. Deep in a jungle inhabited by silver (guerrillas, gorillas), the soldiers engaged in (guerrilla, gorilla) warfare.

9. The (gibes, jibes) the speaker heard from the crowd did not (gibe, jibe) with the warm reception he had received from the same audience a week earlier.


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