How Well Will You (Fair, Fare) on This Quiz?

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No. 1) b., a. "Stationery" means "writing paper." Remember, both "stationery" and "letter" have an "e." "Stationary" means "standing still." Think of the "a" in "stay."

No. 2) a., b. A laurel for "hardy," which means "strong." Think "d" as in "durable." "Hearty" means "exuberant, vigorous, unrestrained." Think "whole-hearted."

No. 3) a., b. The noun "premiere" is the first performance of a film, play or musical work. Think "e" as in "earliest." The adjective "premier" means "first, foremost," and the noun "premier" means a nation's top leader.

No. 4) b., a. "Shear" means "to cut, clip." It has an "a," as in a sheep's "bah." "Sheer" means "utter, unmitigated."

No. 5) a., b. "Flounder" means "to move clumsily, thrash about." Picture a dying flounder on the beach. "Founder," from a Latin word meaning "bottom" (as in "foundation"), means "to fail, collapse, sink." Think Titanic.

No. 6) a., b. "Forbear" (accent on the second syllable) means "to refrain, hold back." "Forebear" (accent on the first syllable) means "ancestor."


No. 7) b., a. "Compliment" has an "i," as in, "I like it." "Complement" has an "e" because the two items "complete" each other.

No. 8) b., a. Remember that "lightning" is so quick it drops the "e." "Lightening" means either "to brighten with light" or to "make lighter in weight."

Rankings: 6-8 correct -- Fared well; 3-5 correct -- Well, fair; 0-2 correct -- Farewell.


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