How Well Will You (Fair, Fare) on This Quiz?

Rob Kyff on

Can you make the correct choice between these often-confused pairs of words?

No. 1: When we're writing on (a. stationary, b. stationery), we hope it will remain (a. stationary, b. stationery).

No. 2: When the (a. hardy, b. hearty) explorers returned from their rigorous journey, their comrades gave them a (a. hardy, b. hearty) welcome.

No. 3: We attended the (a. premiere, b. premier) of a play by the (a. premiere, b. premier) playwright of our time.

No. 4: The (a. shear, b. sheer) size of the sheep made her difficult to (a. shear, b. sheer).

No. 5: After (a. floundering, b. foundering) desperately in the heavy seas, the doomed boat eventually (a. floundered, b. foundered).


No. 6: Speaking of founders, I will (a. forbear, b. forebear) from boring you with stories about my (a. forbears, b. forebears).

No. 7: We (a. complemented, b. complimented) our hosts on how well their wine choices (a. complemented, b. complimented) the meal.

No. 8: After the thunder and (a. lightening, b. lightning) ceased, the moon rose, (a. lightening, b. lightning) the sky.

Answers (with a few helpful mnemonics):


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