Can You Spot the Dirty Dozen?

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Members of the ever-vigilant Word Guy Blooper Patrol have nabbed a dozen verbal culprits in newspapers and magazines this spring.

Paul Burton of Staten Island, New York, collared this triple negative in a letter to the editor: "I don't believe anyone disagrees it is not a step in the right direction." Huh?

Can you spot the blots in these sentences sent in by other readers?

No. 1: "PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan is bearing his teeth, ready to fight the threat the Saudi-funded LIV Golf tour is posing." This is clearly turning into a "grizzly" battle. (Paul Johnson, St. Paul, Minnesota)

No. 2: "Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala. ... chalked up the Oz endorsement to week-kneaded staffers." Who says dough doesn't play a role in politics? (Linda Rusin, Suffield, Connecticut)

No. 3: "An international squad of female spies is out to save the world from eminent destruction." Well, the destruction of the world WOULD be a prominent event. (Marty Sosville, North Bangor, New York)


No. 4: "A year later, Harris English returned to the TPC River Highlands and took another peak at the trophy." He must have felt like the king of the mountain. (Chris Ryan, New York City)

No. 5: "I do this sorely to support local, family-owned restaurants." Working his joints hard to help these joints? (Carol Opdyke, Norfolk, New York)

No. 6: "Rep. Malinowski is gasping for air after Democrats through him overboard." Well, I guess they're through with him. (Moreland Houck, Trenton, New Jersey)

No. 7: "In an attempt to establish parody, the U.S. and the international teams will be assigned according to last year's handicaps." Well, it IS fun to mimic golfers. (David Anson, via email)


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