History Is a Foible Agreed Upon

Rob Kyff on

"During the Great Depression, many Americans were in a dior situation economically." They couldn't afford designer clothing from France.

"Here's a synapses of early electronic and communication privacy laws." My brain is firing up already!

"During World War I, Congress passed the first statue to prevent the divulgence of government secrets." The Statue of Dis-Liberty?

"In 1849, people of all kinds flocked to California in search of golf." Were they headed to Pebble Beach?

"The British navy was boarding U.S. ships and seizing crew members they believed to be desserters from the British navy." These escapees loved key "limey" pie.

"The men who delivered short patriotic speeches during World War I were called four-minuet men." Perhaps they danced around controversial issues.

"Luciano was sentenced to one year in jail for possession of heroine." And perhaps for kidnapping?


"One group that opposed the Vietnam War was the Central Committee for Conscious Objectors." They must have refrained from sleep-ins.

"Popular sovereignty would determine weather those territories would be free or slave." The outcome was, apparently, a bit cloudy."

The government had suspected Katz of illegal gamboling." I wonder if he "skipped" bail.

"Public support for capital punishment has dropped, according to a Gallup Pole." Did this Czech the number of executions?


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