Are You Game for Some Word Games?

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What is the only letter that does not appear in the name of any U.S. state? What do the city of Paris and the letter "F" have in common? What familiar phrase is represented by the sequence "tu(singing)ne"?

If you answered "Q," "they're both the capital of France" and "singing in tune," you have a knack for word puzzles. Let's try two more types of games.

Four Share:

Can you select the one noun that, when placed either before or after each of these four words, forms a familiar two-word phrase or compound word: bus, magnet, high, board?

The answer is "school," as in "school bus," "magnet school," "high school" and "school board."

Now try some more Four Shares (answers at end):


1) Cat, peeping, foolery, turkey.

2) Rabbit, hammer, knife, pot.

3) Holder, luck, shot, roast.

4) Fee, ton, Simon, minded.


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