I Now Pronounce You Mangled by Kyff

Rob Kyff on

Here's a pronunciation quiz I'd fail miserably. That's because it comprises eight words I've always mispronounced.

Can you show up the Word Guy by choosing the correct pronunciation?

1. fungi -- A. FUN-guy (hard "g") B. FUN-juy (soft "g")

2. aeolian -- A. ee-OH-lee-uhn B. ay-OH-lee-uhn

3. flaccid -- A. FLAK-sid B. FLAS-id

4. hauteur -- A. haw-TUR B. hoh-TUR


5. redolent -- A. RED-oh-lint B. RED'l-int

6. homage -- A. HAHM-ij B. AHM-ij

7. mauve -- A. MAWV B. MOHV

8. ye (meaning "the") -- A. YEE B. THUH (or THEE)


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